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ROS PSAKIS - Award Winning Artist and Tutor
Art Classes

Art Classes

Are you looking for an art class that will give you the tuition
and inspiration you have been searching for?  
Need some down-to-earth, easy to understand advice on painting?
Are you a new artist trying to find their way?
Or an old artist who has lost their way!!
 Students at work
Learn about colour, tone, drawing and composition, on a wide range of subjects.
Landscapes, figures, animals and still life.   Oils, watercolour, pastels and drawing.
Regular workshops and Demonstrations.   Individual advice.   Friendly class atmosphere.
  WEDNESDAYS   10.30am to 2.30pm
Syd Frost Memorial Hall
Hawthorne St, Ramsgate  NSW
Ph 02) 9587 8857


Classes are held at The Syd Frost Memorial Hall, Hawthorne St Ramsgate. The aim of the
class is to
 provide tuition and inspiration to beginner and advanced painters alike.

The class has grown since its beginnings and is now made up of some very competent 
painters who have made amazing progress in their painting. They have shown that when the
rules are studied and understood, natural progression takes a painter onto evolving
their own indivual style.

The method of teaching in my class is to explore the endless possibilites of the three
primary colours, the
observance of tone in its strong contrasts and close subtleties. We study
the basic shapes and line of drawing
and look at lighting, composition,
brushwork and colour mixing.
Workshops are conducted on the first of each month, where the class work through
a painting together.
Subject matter covers landscapes, figures, animals, still life, boats,
seascapes, etc etc. On other days of the
month, students choose their own subjects.
All are welcome.
As the tutor, I am immensely proud of the work produced by the students of this class.
I am inspired by them.
 I am constantly amazed and delighted by their fresh, honest
paintings and I am grateful to them for their
 cheerful company. They regularly surprise
me with their speedy progress and I find myself learning from them.
Come and join us and discover the joys of painting.
Ph/Fax 02 95878857