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ROS PSAKIS - Award Winning Artist and Tutor
'Bait and Tackle'The Gallery
         Photo     'The Sirius'     'Sea Birds'    'Camellias'          
               'The Race'             'Mock Orange'           'Gardenias and Glass'                
'Winter Chill'          'Breakfast'          'Midday Shadows'

'Sparkle'        'The Yellow Jacket'        'Davistown'        Photo
'Singles and Doubles'                'Beach Business'               'The Picnic Basket'
'Sunshine'           'River Lights'           'The Spit'

Photo     'Between Events''     'Gloucester'     'Iceberg'
'Harbour Views'             'Terrigal Summer'             'The 16 Footers'
'Camellias'       'The Crossing'       'Caught in Sunlight'        'Jersey Girl' 
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