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frances pizzino
05:00:48 PM
I recently discovered your work on YouTube here in Albuquerque, NM. What a treat and inspiration is your work, thank you so much! from USA
Joleen Tollerson
08:42:21 PM
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Jerrod Yanda
08:41:21 PM
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Ethelene Evasco
12:43:23 AM
I really enjoyed your artwork,children,cow,horse, You are so gracious !oilpaintinggallery.net
Kathie Nichols
11:47:08 PM
Hi Ros, thanks once again for allowing me to post my interpretation of your painting "The Topiary Rose" to my website. Here's the link here http://www.redbubble.com/people/kathienichols/works/10883037-the-blossom-tree
01:36:58 AM
Hello. I often think to do this, to thank you for the beautiful painting you did of our three children. We fostered them from babies and they are doing wonderfully well. The painting is of a time when they were little and i treasure it. Every evening i put the lights on and it comes alive even more, if it was possible...absolutely gorgeous...thank you so much for doing it...you are truly gifted and have brought much joy to our family...x
Nola MacFarlane
01:30:15 AM
Was lovely to meet you yesterday at the Art Show and I would love to attend your Wed classes but will have to reorganise my work schedule so hope I can do that soon. I absolutely love your paintings. I would like to continue working in acrylic though which I spoke to you about. THank you for this opportunity and look forward to contacting you as soon as I can !